Discontinued Product

TSC technical support and repair services are available for the following products until the last service date. Please contact your service representative for parts availability.

Product Model Service & Support Discontinuation Date Replacement Model
Desktop Barcode Printers DA200 Series 2023/03/30 DA210-DA220 Series
Desktop Barcode Printers TA210 Series 2023/09/30 TE200 Series
Desktop Barcode Printers TTP-245C/ TTP-343C 2020/12/31 TC Series
Desktop Barcode Printers TTP-244 Plus 2019/01/12 TTP-244 Pro
Industrial Barcode Printers MX240 Series 2023/02/23 MX240P Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-2410M Pro/ TTP-346M Pro/ TTP-644M Pro 2020/12/31 TTP-2410MU Series /TTP-2410MT Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-268M Series 2020/12/31 TTP-2610MT Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-384M 2020/12/31 TTP-286MT Series
Mobile Barcode Printers M23 2018/09/13 Alpha-3R
Accessories KU-007 Plus 2023/09/30 N/A
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